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Manual vertical night blinds

High quality thermal insulation night blinds are for commercial refrigeration units. using a special metallized fiber in the tissue the fabric becomes durable, meanwhile the perforation of the fabric prevents the condensate formation, what could lead to frost. Energy efficient fabric is a unique metallized tissue with antibacterial coat. The blinds design offers various types of handles to close the cabinet depending on the customer’s request.

The thermal insulation night blinds are represented in two types: F1A with a slower (mechanism of smooth motion) and F1B without a slower. the slower ensures smooth closing of the cabinet, that allows to avoid damages of the refrigeration cabinet in case of sudden closing, and also prolongs the spring life cycle.

The night blinds conform to the standards of the refrigerators producer and to the size of the equipment, so they can be used both for standard solutions and made for individual orders. The maximum possible dimensions are up to 2500 mm wide for 2200 mm in height.

The night blinds reduce significantly the loss of cold and energy consumption up to 35 % after the supermarket closure. the application of night blinds is one of the most available energy­saving methods for the food retail market.

Vertical night blinds