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Glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets

Glass system CISA 23 is one of the best price-quality solution. The doors of the system are made of 6 mm tempered glass with low emission hard coating. All glasses pass 100 % input control, that excludes the defective goods. From the side of low-emission coating the glass is marked by serigraph printing which indicates the hand access for opening. According to client’s order is possible to printing also other information. In the glass, there are no holes for hinges fastening, what completely avoids the possibility of glass explosion in the points of hinges fastening.

The system frame is made of 2,5 mm aluminum profile, that makes it rigid and avoids the deformation of refrigeration cabinet after shelves loading procedure. The frame attachment points to the cabinet are closed with a decorative cover, which also protects the system from the warm coming into the refrigeration cabinet.

The hinges of the product are a mix of polyamide and teflon, such composition prolongs these elements life time. they allow to adjust the gaps between the doors and the frame in a wide range. the hinges are mounted into the PVC profile that is fixed to upper and lower glass ends without any fastening elements (by a special glue).

The lower hinge design locks the open door in a fixed position and permits to have a wide access to the products inside. The return to the closed state is ensured by the special gravity hinge used in the construction. This solution allows the door to be closed even if the system is installed with a perpendicularity error. For the purpose of silent (anti-vandal) doors closing, the structure includes a gas lift and a damper.

The system construction guarantees up to 500 000 opening/closing cycles and does not require additional maintenance (screws fastening). Cisa 23 conforms to the standards of the refrigerators producer and to the size of the equipment, so it can be used both for standard solutions and made for individual orders. The maximum possible dimensions are up to 1250 mm for two-doors system and up to 1875 mm for three-doors system wide for a maximum height of 1850 mm.

The design and materials of CISA 23 make it practical and reliable product, ideally suitable for any commercial refrigeration equipment design. Numerous tests have demonstrated the reliability and durability of the technical solution and also confirmed up to 59 % energy saving of the refrigeration system.

Glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets