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Glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets

CISA 20 is an extremely flexible sliding solution for closing NT refrigerated cabinets, with a minimum internal temperature of 0 °C. The wide vision concept provides excellent product visibility and valorization, the double glazing with low emission coating and perimeter gaskets guarantee heat insulation. The sliding system meets Cisaplast’s high quality standards: 8 high smoothness bearings for each slider ensure fluid movement.

The automatic closure with integrated counterweights and limit braking system make for comfort, safety, and silent operation. these features are heightened by the easy of cleaning and the door lock system that simplifies shelves loading procedures. This makes CISA 20 extremely practical for shop attendance as well.

CISA 20 conforms to the standards of the refrigerators producer and to the size of the equipment, so it can be used both for standard solutions and made for individual orders. The maximum possible dimensions are up to 1250 mm wide for a maximum height of 1850 mm.

The used design selections and materials make it a practical robust product, perfect for any situation. the sliding doors provide excellent product visibility and valorization and guarantee to the customers the maximum view of products in the supermarkets, therefore, CISA 20 is an excellent solution for the shops with limited space. CISA 20 guarantees up to 65 % energy saving of the refrigeration system.

glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets