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Glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets

This glass system is characterized by functionality, reliability, easy installation and maintenance. To exclude the warm air flowing into the refrigerated cabinet, as well as to increase the strength characteristics, was implemented a solution to use doub le glazing with external low emission coating and gas inside, both panes made of tempered glass. the upper and lower hinges have the ability to adjust, providing a perfect alignment between the doors, frame.

Distinctive feature of the system are hydraulic hinges, which are patented solution of Artika. Its hydraulic hinges are fitted on both original and retrofitted BT and TN refrigerating counters to provide optimal cooling and energy efficiency.

Artika innovative features are:
1. Hydraulic system with high performance guaranteed up to one million cycles.
2. 4 international patents.
3. Quick soft closing system with anti-finger trap use.
4. 90° end-stop for goods loading and unloading operations; soft opening up to 110° in case of accidental bumps.
5. 85° opening to avoid collision with adjacent doors.
6. Constant pressure on gaskets.

In order to guarantee to the customer the maximum view of products in the supermarkets has been applied the maximum glazing area of the refrigerated cabinet. CISA 19L conforms to the standards of the refrigerators producer and to the size of the equipment, so it can be used both for standard solutions and made for individual orders. The maximum possible dimensions are up to 1250 mm wide for a two-door module and up to 1875 mm for a three-door module for a maximum height of 1850 mm.

CISA 19L is the best ‘value for money’ hinged door system for positive temperature, guaranteeing up to 65 % energy saving of the refrigeration system.

Glass systems for normal temperature vertical cabinets