Our company is the only producer of thermal night blinds and glass doors systems for commercial refrigeration equipment in CIS member states.

Our company operates in Brest since 2012. We have started to produce thermal night blinds for commercial refrigeration cabinets produced by our main customers in Russia and Belarus by Italian technology of our mother plant ITI INDUSTRIALE S.R.L. In 2015 we employed the qualitative standards and most advanced technologies developed by another shareholder company CISAPLAST S.P.A. to achieve a high degree of versatility and flexibility in production. And we have started to produce also glass doors systems for normal and low temperature cabinets.

Today our company employs modern standards, the most advanced technologies of the European level thanks to a numerous team of professionals with extensive experience in this field of industry. We provide to our customer a wide range of serial products, as well as an individual solution for retrofitting of commercial refrigeration cabinets and chests of any type.

FLLC “Freeza Industry” is a resident of the free economic zone FEZ “Brest”.